The California Raisins playing a flying v guitar, wearing sunglasses, throwing the rock out bull horn sign. basically just totally Raisin some Heck, with flames behind them. To show the heck. Yes. By artist Heather Buchanan
These California Raisins are Raisin heck! For some reason I looked up images of the band Slayer and modelled the flying V guitar after one of the guitars Kerry King plays. Because that's just the kind of really pointless, stupid detail I like sneaking into these paintings. Anyway, these little buddies are out here rocking out, Raisin heck, and I know you want to join them!


Limited edition of 100 prints.

11"x14" and printed on beautiful heavyweight Matte Epson paper using archival pigment-based inks. That means it's a high quality art print that will not fade over the years.