Painting of a woman eating a grilled cheese sandwich. Girl with purple hair about to take a bite. Original art painting by canadian contemporary artist Heather Buchanan

The calm before the cheese-pull storm.

I like this moment of right before something happens. But this is also a moment I hate. I actually really hate eating around people. I love eating on my own; I feel like I can sink into the joy of food completely. Around people my mind buzzes "close your mouth while you chew, don't eat to fast, don't eat too much, but also don't eat to little, eat your food in a normal order, wipe your face, stop holding your fork like that." The social aspects of enjoying a meal together are wonderful, but my mind gets in the way of really enjoying it. So for me this painting is about a busy mind interfering with pleasure.

I love making these characters wall-eyed, as if each of their eyeballs is running away from the viewer's gaze in opposite directions. Something about portraying anxiety like this - on a cute woman with cute hair, utterly panicking at something totally mundane - just reminds me of how silly it is to have so much anxiety. And when you can laugh at your anxiety, you take some of its power away.



Painted on 16x20" canvas board. Canvas board is mostly flat, so this painting fits nicely in a store-bought frame if you take the glass out. They look good in Ikea Ribba frames, which are super affordable. You can also get it professionally framed or just set it unframed on a shelf.

If you are local to Calgary, contact me for pickup or delivery. Otherwise I'll ship your painting safely in layers of cardboard and bubble wrap.