Ow Ow My Emotions - Original Watercolour Painting

Seriously the only way I can cope with things these days is to try to make my depression silly. It takes some of it's power away, distances it a little bit.

But also, ow.

I drew her in pencil first, which I don't always do. If you can't tell from the scan here, you can still see some subtle pencil lines in the original.


Painted on 9"x12" watercolour paper. Signed on the back. Add a note if you want it signed on the front as well.



You can find 9"x12" frames around, but the selection can be limited. It's often easier to use a 12"x16" frame (a standard IKEA size, super easy to find), and then use a mat to make the painting to fit.

You can buy a plain white mat from me to go with your painting, buy them elsewhere online, or get your local frame shop to cut you one.

You can also get a custom frame made at any frame shop.