Woman with short blonde hair and bangs in a Gucci Basketball sweatshirt. She is seated in front of a partially cloudy sky and vast prairie. Original oil painting by contemporary canadian artist heather buchanan

She doesn't play basketball, she doesn't watch basketball, she doesn't even know the rules of basketball, but she loves this sweater. And I, for one, am not judging her for it.

She's seated in front of a prairie scene that reminds me of romping around Alberta, where I live. I sort of just let her face happen without forcing one particular expression. She's soft and dreamy, and she's a little concerned. Actually, I feel like she looks a little different on any given day.

I like the idea that we curate our identities in ways that might not always make sense, much like wearing a sweatshirt for a sport we know nothing about but think is cool anyway.

Oh, one more thought while I'm sitting here typing. I love making skies that are 50/50 cloudy and clear, with a lot of movement. The sun might peek through for a second, and then it might disappear the next. And as someone with a wild scattered mind (that is capable of both gloominess and serenity), this fits well in my little world.


Painted on 24"x30" gallery wrapped canvas. It sticks out 1.5" from the wall and is finished around the edges with a wire on the back, so it doesn't need a frame. You can still bring it to any custom frame shop get a nice floating frame if you like.

If you are local to Calgary, you can contact me for pickup or delivery.

If you're located outside North America, contact me for a shipping quote. It varies a fair bit depending on the country.

Shipped safely in layers of bubble wrap and cardboard.