*Preorder* Sweat Shirt / Eat Shit
*Preorder* Sweat Shirt / Eat Shit *Preorder* Sweat Shirt / Eat Shit *Preorder* Sweat Shirt / Eat Shit *Preorder* Sweat Shirt / Eat Shit

***I am temporarily sold out of these sweatshirts, and should have them back in stock and ready to ship by the end of October. You can preorder now!***


This is a SWEAT SHIRT. Except really it's a swEAT SHIrT. Ok yeah it definitely just says EAT SHIT.

I drew the block letters by hand, then had them screen printed at my friendly local print shop.

These sweatshirts are extremely soft and cozy. They fit a little bigger than standard unisex sizes, so if you're in between sizes definitely choose the smaller one. If in doubt, go with your usual unisex/mens size and it just might have a tiny bit of extra room. Check out the size chart and compare it to a sweatshirt you love to make sure you get the right fit.

Not recommended for baptisms, job interviews, or meeting the parents. Very much recommended for Trump rallies.

A few months ago I found a notebook with this idea in it from six years ago. I knew I had been wanting to make it forever, but I didn't realize it had been six freaking years! So I finally did it and here it is. This wordplay has lived in my head for so long, and now it can live on your body.