California Raisins from the 1990s with flames behind them, playing electric guitar and block lettering that says "Raisin some heck". Because these raisins really rock! Or something.

These California Raisins are rocking out. For some reason I looked up images of the band Slayer and modelled the flying V guitar after one of the guitars Kerry King plays. Because that's just the kind of really pointless, stupid detail I like sneaking into these paintings. Anyway, these little buddies are out here Raisin some heck, and I know you want to join them!

Painted on 11"x14" watercolour paper. Since these paintings are loose and scrappy, they may have a smudge or two, but that's all part of their charm.

Signed on the back. Add a note if you want it signed on the front as well.


You don't need to frame it, but here are some tips if you want to.

11"x14" is a very common frame size. You can find it online, and most home decor shops will have it. However, alas, IKEA does not carry 11x14.

You can also take it to your local frame shop and get it custom framed.