Weed smoking illustration, fashion pattern clashing illustration, drawing of a woman running who has had a bad day and wants a large joint and empty carbohydrates, marijuana and emty carbs, drawing by artist Heather Buchanan

The sort of day where you can’t run fast enough towards those creature comforts.


8"x10" or 11"x14" print on heavyweight matte paper using archival pigment-based inks. Which basically means that it's a high quality print that'll last for 100 years or so without fading. Because that's important with high quality art like this.


*If you remember this illustration originally having the word “marijuana” in it, I decided to change up the wording when someone reminded me that the word has a complicated racist history. Basically the name was deliberately used by the anti-drug crowd to sound exotic (they thought associations with Latin America would make the drug scarier—ugh!) So no matter how funny the word is in other contexts, it cannot shake racist roots that I don’t want any part of, and I’m more than happy to rewrite it. 

As Oprah says, when you know better, do better.