Here are a select few projects I've worked on for some great customers.

If you're interested in commissioning a project, please get in touch

Kolenda Engagement Portrait

This piece was commissioned by a friend as a wedding gift for her brother. She sent this great engagement photo, and told me that the bride loved peonies. Corny as it is, I love this theme of blossoming love.


Family Portrait

Isn't this amazing? This couple had seen my food illustrations, and asked if I could do a portrait of them and their dog. My favourite part was making a cute illustration at a much larger scale than I'd ever done before. This piece is 4'x4'. I'd love to do something like this again!


Mackenna and Toby


Toby (the dog) was so unimpressed. Capturing that was key. I don't always say "yes" to commissions that are directly from family photos, but this one was just a little too special to turn down.