When I was a wee teen, I suffered from chronic depression and anxiety that consumed and defined my entire life. I couldn't go to school, I couldn't keep a job, I couldn't see a place for myself in the world.

Painting was the one thing I could do no matter how grim things got. As time went on I realized that I needed to make my living from art. It really was my only choice for survival.

Then one day, while I was on a kick of practising portraiture, I decided to paint a couple celebs. And incredibly, people actually wanted to buy them. I made more, I made prints, and after a while my life started making sense.

So even though I've mostly moved on from pop-culture art, these paintings are extremely special to me. They saved my life. They gave me everything I have now.


You can buy my pop culture work here, or there's a more robust collection on Etsy.

Recent Pop-Culture Watercolours



Star Trek Captains

Shortly before Bon Appetit imploded under the weight of their own racism, I painted the beloved cast of the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen. But I did auction them off for the food bank, and got to donate a ton of money out of it, so I guess it worked out. RIP BATK.



Big Lebowski

Wonka Kids






Wes Anderson



Everything Else