Drawing of a person and a bird. Sort of.

A drawing of a bird... thing. I don't know.

The pink of the floating eyeball part is neon pink, which refused to show up in this scan, no matter how much I wagged my finger at photoshop.


Coloured pencil on 9"x12" art paper. Signed on the back. Add a note if you want it signed on the front as well.



You can find 9"x12" frames around, but the selection can be limited. It's often easier to use a 12"x16" frame (a standard IKEA size, super easy to find), and then use a mat to make the painting to fit.

You can buy a plain white mat from me to go with your painting, buy them elsewhere online, or get your local frame shop to cut you one.

You can also get a custom frame made at any frame shop.