hand drawn pattern for stereogram
hand drawn pattern for stereogram stereogram just says "NO" in bright fun contemporary illustration updated stereograms magic eye optical illusion Bright NO - Stereogram Poster Bright NO - Stereogram Poster

It's a stereogram poster! I'm on a mission to bring back these hidden 3D images from the 1990s, because they were the actual coolest. Except back then they were ugly neon nightmares, and mine are modern, cute, and funny.

This particular Stereogram is like a Magic 8 Ball with just one answer - NO. Luckily it's the answer to most of life's questions. Hang this on your wall, and let it guide you through life.

See a bigger version here!


The pattern was hand drawn on my tablet, and then I went to work with all the technological nonsense involved in getting the word hidden just right.

Poster is 16"x20" on thick semigloss poster paper. Shipped rolled in a tube.


To see the hidden image:

Relax your eyes while looking at the poster. Cross your eyes, then slowly uncross them while staring at the image.
Alternatively, try putting your face right up to the image, until your nose is basically touching it. Cross your eyes slightly, just enough that things are blurry. Then slowly pull away from the image. When something strange starts happening, focus on it instead of the background pattern.
Remember: The hidden image will only pop out while the pattern is blurry. It may feel uncomfortable to stare with blurred eyes, but it works!

Stereograms work because the hidden 3D image is in focus at a different depth than the poster itself. Crossing your eyes (or looking beyond the image) allows your eyes to focus at a different depth. The key to seeing them is to slowly work your way through different depths until you find where the image is hidden.