Edith is living her bliss, feeling her self. She holds a bouquet and is getting lavished with praise. Fine art portrait oil painting by contemporary artist Heather Buchanan. Edith is cool and hip and has a golden lion necklace.

This is Edith, and she is LIVING.

She's in her glory, being showered with attention, given flowers and accolades and praise, and she's just eating it up.

Sure, there's a bit of trepidation in her face. She knows "this too shall pass" applies to good experiences, too. She knows this high won't last. But screw it, in this moment, Edith is drinking up the love.

I could get deeper (her outfit and accessories are kind of overwhelming her, so she's sort of drowning in her own persona...) But what matters more than my rambling is what you see in Edith. I just hope someone out there is going to love her, and that her unabashed exuberance delights someone for years to come.

I am not planning to make prints of Edith.


Painted on 12"x16" canvas board. Canvas board is mostly flat, so this painting fits nicely in a store-bought frame if you take the glass out. You can also get it professionally framed or just set it unframed on a shelf.

If you are local to Calgary, contact me for pickup or delivery. Otherwise I'll ship your painting safely in layers of cardboard and bubble wrap.