Get Off My Lawn Stewart - Limited Edition Art Print

This bird (flamingo??) is not having any of Stewart's lawn-related malarkey today.

This is a bathtub painting! Meaning that yes, I painted it in the bath. Is that awkward? So I have a unique art studio, in an old hotel, complete with a hotel bathtub. I made some paintings in it, initially on a dare, but it's evolved into a process that I love. I do the whole thing in the bath - from conception to completion. So the idea for this painting and every brush stroke happened in one bath. Oh, and the water for the watercolour? You guessed it.


Limited edition of 20 prints.

11"x14" and printed on beautiful heavyweight Matte Epson paper using archival pigment-based inks. That means it's a high quality art print that will not fade over the years.