Good Painting, Good Job - Original Painting

Look, I don't know what's happening here. Someone said it looks like her boobs are some sort of crab claw pincers, and I wish I could say they were wrong.

But like the text says, the artist did a VERY GOOD JOB painting this, so it must be true. It's right there on the painting. And you can't pretend that having this in your home won't spark all kinds of thoughts, opinions, and conversations... right?

Anyway. It's a good painting!



Painted on 18x24" on 1.5" gallery wrapped canvas. The edges are currently rough/unpainted, but I'd be happy to finish them nicely for you if you don't plan on framing it. Just give me about an extra week if you'd like that done for you! I'd either do them the same lightly textured off white as the background, or one of the colours from the painting.

If you are local to Calgary, contact me for pickup or delivery. Otherwise I'll ship your painting safely in layers of cardboard and bubble wrap.