Painting of woman in poppy field fashion editorial painting gucci. Painting by Heather Buchanan

I got the idea for this painting in the shower. I don’t remember which part came first, but I do know that I left the conditioner in my hair far too long while I shut my eyes and designed this outfit in my mind. The oranges, the leaves, the colours, the moody sky, the flowing field of poppies. I drew the preliminary sketches you can see while still damp. I looked greasy and unkempt that day, but got this painting out of it.

I've had this fascination with fashion editorials forever. I would study them in teen magazines, not quite understanding why this purely visual content was there amidst the celeb gossip and lip gloss reviews. I understand now - they construct an image of desire. When my paintings draw from fashion editorials, they aren’t trying to be overly critical - but more playfully aware of the pain caused by idealizing and elevating arbitrary brands and narrow definitions of beauty.

So here we have a woman, in an outfit I’m wildly jealous of, in a stunning locale, posed magnificently, and still her inner anguish seeps through.


Limited edition of 20 prints.

11"x14" and printed on beautiful heavyweight Matte Epson paper using archival pigment-based inks. That means it's a high quality art print that will not fade over the years.