Oil painting of a woman laughing alone with salad. Neural shades of grey constrasted by the bright green salad. Fine art by Heather Buchanan

I am in love with how weird the salad turned out. I think it makes this whole painting.

Basically this painting is about the weird societal pressures around food and eating in public. I wanted the painting to imply that others are there with her, while ultimately leaving her isolated.

And like most things I've been making lately, it's a bit about the absurdity of having so much dang anxiety about something as simple as eating a salad. I am a chronic overthinker, and far too sensitive for my own good. Despite all the therapy, medication, and meditation in the world, I still unravel in the simplest situations. At some point you just have to laugh at how silly it all is.


Painted on 16x20" canvas board. Canvas board is mostly flat, so this painting fits nicely in a store-bought frame if you take the glass out. These look good in Ikea Ribba frames, which are super affordable. You can also get it professionally framed or just set it unframed on a shelf.

If you are local to Calgary, contact me for pickup or delivery. Otherwise I'll ship your painting safely in layers of cardboard and bubble wrap.