Life and Peace Sparrow - Limited Edition Art Print

I was painting in my backyard on day, on one of the very rare occasions where I wasn't totally sober making art. I was on, err, uh, a somewhat illegal substance, and feeling very at one with nature. And there was this sparrow flying around the yard who seemed to not notice that I was there. I had spent a lot of the summer obsessively taking care of the sparrows over an unprecedented heatwave - making sure they had food and water during the drought, building them a makeshift birdbath, silly things like that.

Anyway, so there I was high on mushrooms (who said that?), feeling totally at one with this little creature, and I made this uncharacteristically zen painting.

When I was done, the little sparrow found a safe spot, and had a nap. I went over and watched some honey bees.


Limited edition of just 10 prints.

8"x10" and printed on beautiful heavyweight Matte Epson paper using archival pigment-based inks. That means it's a high quality art print that will not fade over the years.