Contemporary art oil painting for sale. Woman with no nose, with fruit and flowers and a bowl of noodles flying all around her. A very pink painting. Artist Heather Buchanan

Oh. Oh! OH?

This is one of those paintings that I started with no plan, no preliminary sketches, only the vague impression of a nude woman flipping a table. But instead of the anger and violence of table-flipping, I wanted it to be a pleasant and vulnerable gesture. The result sort of migrated away from the original impulse, but I love the pretty strangeness that resulted.

On the original painting, you get lots of details you can't really notice in prints. The yellow banana isn't painted over with my usual layers, I just left it as its first underpainted layer. Everything else has the soft and smooshy texture of layered oil paint. You can really see different layers of colour showing through on her body in the original.


Painted on 16x20" canvas board. Canvas board is mostly flat, so this painting fits nicely in a store-bought frame if you take the glass out. These look good in Ikea Ribba frames, which are super affordable. You can also get it professionally framed or just set it unframed on a shelf.

If you are local to Calgary, contact me for pickup or delivery. Otherwise I'll ship your painting safely in layers of cardboard and bubble wrap.