Peace - Limited Edition Art Print

I sketched her one day, without really thinking about it. It's funny how meaningful ideas can just sort of wander in out of meaninglessness.

She's cute. The painting is pretty and symmetrical. It's light and fun and weird. But also... she's also stretching herself too far, in a fully unnatural way. Overreaching, you know? Sometimes we harm ourselves to achieve an external expression of cuteness. But she's coping.

I called this painting "peace" not only for the peace signs she's holding up, but also because it's what I wish for her. And me. And you. I wish I could give us all a deeper sense of peace, and take away that urge to contort ourselves to meet other people's expectations.


Limited edition of 20 prints.

11"x14" and printed on beautiful heavyweight Matte Epson paper using archival pigment-based inks. That means it's a high quality art print that will not fade over the years.