original illustration on a black cannabis grinder
original illustration on a black cannabis grinder ceramic cannabis grinder that says Rise and Grind with an illustration of a woman smoking a joint original art weed grinder by artist Heather Buchanan artisanal weed grinders with original illustrations by artist heather Buchanan fine art weed grinder made by artist Heather Buchanan grinder carrying pouch matte grinder teeth Rise and Grind - Premium Matte Weed Grinder

Rise and grind! Except instead of grinding away your soul at the feet of capitalism, grind yourself a nice relaxing bowl of cannabis.

I love this gal, and her matching floral shorts set. She's wild and fun and flying high.


These 4-part grinders are made from aluminum with a soft coating that has a beautiful matte finish. They feel so nice in your hands while chomping down your buds into perfect little bits.

Comes with a pollen scraper, a cleaning brush, and a white carrying pouch.

2.5" in diameter and just under 2" tall.