She Doesn't Even Play Basketball - Original Painting

She doesn't play basketball, she doesn't watch basketball, she doesn't even know the rules of basketball, but she loves this sweater. And I, for one, am not judging her for it.

She's sitting in a classic Alberta scene, with a lovely prairie sky, and looking off with a totally glazed expression. 


This painting measures 24"x30" and is finished nicely around the edges so you can leave her unframed.

You can purchase her right now, and walk out with it, OR leave it at High Line and I will be in touch in a day or two about free delivery. Just in case you want it handled by someone who hasn't had a few beers.

If you have any questions about this or any of the other paintings, please get in touch at hb (at) heatherbuchanan (dot) ca

Thanks so much for checking out my art!

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