So Much Shit Goose - Original Watercolour Painting

I swear this is what a goose was saying to me recently as I tried to walk peacefully by on the path a few weeks ago. The goose did not need words. It spoke an old language, a primal language, one you feel in the very marrow of your bones. I mean it mostly sounded like vaguely aggressive hissing, but I swear it wanted to fling shit at me.


This painting measures 16"x20" and comes with this lovely white frame.

You can purchase it right now, and walk out with it, OR leave it at High Line and come back for it, and/or I will be in touch soon about free delivery. Just in case you're not able to travel with a painting at the moment!

If you have any questions about this or any of the other paintings, please get in touch at hb (at) heatherbuchanan (dot) ca, or fill out my contact form.

Thanks so much for checking out my art!

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