Tattoo Ticket
Tattoo Ticket Tattoo Ticket

One fabulous Tattoo Ticket that grants you permission to get one of my designs tattooed onto your body. I've made it a sliding scale pay-what-you can to suit your budget.

Contact me with any questions!



-This is a digital listing granting you my blessing, nothing is going to arrive at your door, not even me.

-It's nice to discuss the tattoo with your tattoo artist in advance, and make sure they are down to prickle-poke you with the work of another artist.

-Valid towards existing artwork only, I'm not designing you a custom tat here.

-Please send me photo because omg how flipping cool is it that you want a tattoo of something I made! Holy smokes! Also tag @heatherbuchanan (and/or @horror.scoops) on the instagrams