Toilet Venus - Original Painting

You don't want to know how many hours I spent getting her panty line juuuuust right.

But the thing about this painting is, it's actually full of art historical references to paintings of Venus, particularly Renaissance paintings by men, where Cupid holds up a mirror to Venus, to imply that she is vain, when really (in an astounding feat of male hypocrisy) the entire purpose of the painting is for them to admire the woman's body.

But you don't need to be an expert in art history to appreciate this or any of my art! Isn't it enough that she has a phenomenal booty without having to get into the concept of the panty line as a tool to eschew the male gaze? And you probably already noticed that the world she inhabits is different than the world reflected back at her, whatever that means. Who knows. And if the sea shell wallpaper is a subtle reference to Botticelli (who painted the most famous Venus), well now we all know that.

Anyway! This sweet lady just needs a nice home, one that appreciates her gloriously gaudy bathroom and her equally luscious body rolls.


This painting measures 30"x40" and is finished nicely around the edges so you can leave it unframed. There is a wire on the back for hanging.

You can purchase it right now, and walk out with it, OR leave it at High Line and I will be in touch in a day or two about free delivery if you want it handled by someone who hasn't had a few beers.

If you have any questions about this or any of the other paintings, please get in touch at hb (at) heatherbuchanan (dot) ca

Thanks so much for checking out my art!

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